Manhattan club chair from Pottery Barn


You have to love the Manhattan club chair from Pottery Barn. Show off the red leather in your house and spruce up your home decor. This is an all American classic, overstuffed club chair. It is a big chair to sit in, but one that is very comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. When you have a chance to kick back this is sure to please. It is available in other colors such as espresso, hazelnut, whiskey, cinnamon and toffee. The club chair retails for $1,399 – $1,499 at Pottery Barn.

  • Frida

    I love Pottery Barn Manhattan Leather chair, sofa, and ottoman! They are truly a must-have furniture! Love it love it love it!!!

  • John

    These pieces are truly classics that will fit your home decor for a long time. I ran an experiment and tried to search for Pottery Barn pieces on Craigslist. As I am sure you guessed there was hardly NO entries for PB.

  • Phil

    I love them too! I just got two of the leather armchairs in the Hazelnut color through my local Craigslist. There are some scratches on them. But, for $350.00 for each chair, I think I can live with some scratches. I’m wondering if I could rub in some Hazelnut dye or maybe use orange oil. Hmm….