Modern Sophistication: The Nouveau Sectional by Natuzzi

An island of comfort all its own, the Nouveau Sectional is a stylish and sophisticated piece of lounge furniture.  Manufactured by Natuzzi, the Nouveau Sectional takes the idea of well-designed sectional to a whole new level. It is the sectional of choice for a well-designed and well-planned contemporary living space.


nouveau 1

Nouveau Sectional – modern comfort for your interiors

nouveau 2

Nouveau Sofa Sectional by Natuzzi


Cramming as many types of lounge pieces together into one amazingly-designed and well thought-out sectional is what the Nouveau Sectional by Natuzzi is all about. The piece includes a charming rounded chaise lounge, two or three seat sofa and an armchair with a swivel base. Where else can you find such a dynamic piece of lounge furniture that is as sleek and charming as the Nouveau Sectional?


Not only is the Nouveau Sectional’s frame wrapped in gorgeous and luxurious leather, but the backrest cushions are available in a wide variety of lovely colors of fabric! Mix and match until you find the perfection combination that will coordinated nicely with your own design and color scheme!


nouveau 3

Nouveau Sofa Sectional detail


It really does not get any better than the Nouveau Sectional when it comes to lounge furniture that is comfortable, versatile and stylish.  A chaise lounge, a sofa and an armchair all in one!! How can you go wrong? Every contemporary living space would benefit by the addition of the Nouveau Sectional in both comfort and design appeal. If you aren’t thinking that your interior space needs a piece like the Nouveau Sectional, think again.


Wouldn’t entertaining on the Nouveau Sectional be a conversation starter?