Modern Accent Table with an S for Style

I have a fondness for unique modern furniture designs, the more simple the better. I really love this”S” shaped square side table made of solid DIMB wood. DIMB Wood is a beautiful fine grain and dense wood, it is comparable with African Maple. It can be made darker by treating it with bees wax. A truly stunning side table designed by Josephine Colsen.Also available in a “G” style with the same basic look.

S Table

  • deneshan

    Hi there. Nice side table! Could you please tell me what joints you used to hold it?
    Deneshan Naidoo

  • John

    Hi. I am not 100% sure on this piece as we found it on the web and have not seen it up close. The piece is likely held by either screws or joints and planes (carvings inside the wood that fit together). I agree that this could be a fair amount of weight on the table.