Natuzzi Zeta Chaise Lounge Chairs

I hope that the next time I am on vacation I get to sit on the Zeta chaise lounge. Made from Natuzzi furniture, these accent chairs have multiple adjustments so that you can change positions easily and find that “sweet spot” for sitting. Made with quality Italian leather, this chaise is built to last a long time. It is pictured here in an outdoor setting, but this piece could easily fit into your great looking modern decor. Measurements: 81″ (fully extended) x 33″ x 17 “.

Natuzzi Zeta Chaise Lounge Chairs

  • Design Gal

    That looks very comfortable. I would love to have that on my deck to lay on during a warm summer day. Of course the leather may be an issue. but that is what a towel or blanket is for!

  • John

    A towel or blanket would be good there for sure!