Sophisticated Storage Idea: Newind Wall Unit by Acerbis

Where would we be without wall units? They help us to store our books, CDs, DVDs, and even electrical gadgets. When shopping for a new wall unit for your home, be sure to check out the Newind wall unit by Acerbis. It is everything a modern wall unit should be; stylish, compact, and elegant. Designers Oscar and Gabrielle Buratti focused on the needs of today’s homeowners while creating this distinctive piece. Newind will bring a change of fresh, light air into your home. It is all about new ideas and concepts. It stores items without reducing space and hides electronic wires while connecting them.


newind 1

Newind Wall Unit

newind 3

Newind Wall Unit by Acerbis



There are many things you’ll love about the Newind Wall Unit by Acerbis. One of its great aspects is that it has a large sliding door that hides away the TV when not in use. It also has condensed shelves which are brilliantly concealed and appear only on demand. You can use the shelves to store items like audios, videos, and electronic devices. The unit has back shelves which can be accessed via a sliding TV panel.


newind 4

Newind Wall Unit perfect for your media and storage needs

newind 2

Newind Wall Unit



You can also slide the panel when you want to adjust the television screen for better vision. Newind has full-height structural wall-panels which support the shelves, side modular elements, and suspended cabinets located under the central shelf accessed via a flap door. When only a modern wall unit will do, get the Newind wall unit. It will perfectly dress up your wall and enhance your living room’s overall look.


What do you love most about the Newind wall unit?