On the Menu: 10 Sustainable Kitchen Stools

As we become increasingly aware of the origins of the food we eat — how naturally it was grown, how detrimental or beneficial it might be to our bodies and the environment around us — that same awareness is spreading to the things we buy to fill our homes. ¬†Sensibly enough, it makes sense to start in the kitchen and work outward, so today, we’ve rounded up ten examples of sustainable kitchen stools, made of reclaimed and/or renewable materials and crafted in ways that are conscious of their impact on the world around them. ¬†From beautiful Brazilian and Botswanan craftsmanship to sleek metalwork and upcycling genius, this curation is delicious and nutritious.

10 Sustainable Kitchen Stools


eco-friendly stool


cork stool


ghost stool


paperwood stool


eiffel stool


upcycled stool


stump stool


sustainable metal stool


wool stool



Lead image found at Oficina Ethos.