Once Upon a Shelf: 10 Stunning Bookcase Designs

Reading is fundamental — any educator will tell you so.  And while the bookworms among us would stack hundreds of books on the floor if we had to in order to keep them around, it’s obviously a bit more civilized to keep them organized in a bookcase.  Today’s roundup of stunning bookcase designs ranges from the uber-organized filing system of the USA Bookcase by Ron Arad to the hippie-chic hanging net comprising the Bookwave by Ilio.  There’s something for everyone in this particular series — quirky iconographic pieces from Estudio Breder and Lau Design, an in-your-face reminder case for the forgetful reader, and even a movable dolly case for the literati on the go.  And so the story goes: once upon a time, we fell in love with ten amazing bookcase designs and lived happily ever after.

amazing bookshelves

Readable Bookcase by Saporiti



awesome bookshelves

Equations Bookcase by Estudio Breder



DNA bookshelves

MyDNA Bookshelves by Joel Escalona



maze bookshelves

Maze Bookcase by Woodloops



USA map bookcase

USA Bookcase by Ron Arad



quote bubble bookshelf

Annotation Bookshelf by Lau Design



movable dolly bookcase

Movable Dolly Bookcase by StudioDZ (Etsy)



bent wood bookcase

Gravity Bookcase by Leo Kempf



hanging book net

The Bookwave by Ilio



blue and white bookcase

Twins Bookshelf by Zeynep Cinisli


Readable bookcase found at Saporiti.