Original Stone One ‘Parure’ Bathtub By Aquamass

Aquamass is known for designing bath tubs that avoids the usual trite design cliches to make the  cognoscenti notice. The Original Stone One ‘Parure’ bathtub stays true to the firm’s design ethos and shines (lierary and metaphorically) with individuality. Designed by critically  acclaimed designer  Elvis Pompilio who has cleverly incorporated crystalline pearls and sublime LED lights. The backlit display lends an air of surrealism to the collection and the sinuous curves further highlight its unique form factor. The Parure bathtub collection is available in a plethora of bead finishes silk  Fire Red, white, grey or deep black, African pigments, azure sparkle and bronze sparkle and one is also privy to  two stylish bathcaps by Elvis Pompilio.