Peel – Designer Universal Remote For The iOS Family

Both home theater buffs and design aficionados will enjoy what the Peel has to offer. This cleverly designed universal remote is the perfect amalgamation of design and technology and has been conceptualized to complement the ever-growing Apple family. The Peel turns the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad,into a bonafied remote contra and I guess the idea is have yet another remote in the house in case the wife hides the first one. Of courseI jest, as the universal compatibility will be appreciated by anyone (present company included) who owns an iOS device. So how does the Peel work? Well, once you have purchased the minuscule device called the Peel Fruit, just head to the Apple store and download the complementary app. And if you are ever confused on what to watch on the Idiot Box, the on board recommendation technology will come in handy. For more information head over to Peel.