Retro Fireplace Is Both Modern And Vintage

Confession time here at Furniture Fashion. I have always had a predilection towards the swinging sixties and seventies and wished that I was a part of the Bacchanalian era. Since a time machine is out of the question, I live vicariously through Retro products that take me back in time. The Retro Fireplace hence elicits exhilaration from me as its adds a modern twist to a vintage design. With its rounded corners and tubular lines, the fireplace won’t look out of place in the current design continuum and it even supports the EcoSmart Burner. Manufactured from weather-resistant materials including fiberglass, stainless steel and toughened glass, the fireplace can be ordered in a number of shades and personal being the striking red. The Retro Fireplace can ordered online from here.

Retro Fireplace
Retro Fireplace With EcoSmart Burner