Rock-a-Wow, Baby: 8 Futuristic Rocking Chairs

The term “rocking chair” typically brings to mind bucolic images of sleeping babies, contented grandparents and long afternoon naps.  Today’s roundup of futuristic rocking chairs, on the other hand, present an array of bold, sculptural escapades in creative design.  From the gleaming metallic stripes of Gareth Neal’s undulating masterpiece to the pretzel-like quality of the Osteon chair, these pieces’ creators must have had yoga poses on the brain while putting their early sketches down on paper.  Although each offers a study in the relation between geometry and physics with a dash of aesthetic interest thrown in to hold our attention, those wishing for a more free-form approach to movement might prefer the Southern Hemisphere rocking chair from the mind of Ron Arad; just add water and start rockin’.

amazing rocking chairs

The Osteon Rocking Chair


cool modern rocking chairs

The Voido Rocking Chair


postmodern rocking chairs

The Ghost Rocking Chair by Wendell Castle


ultramodern rocking chairs

Rocking Wheel Chair by Mathias Koehler


stingray chair

The “Rokke” Stingray Chair by Thomas Pedersen


modern beech rocking chair

The Stained Beech Rocking Chair from Bodie & Fou


modern metal rocking chair

Futuristic Rocking Chair by Gareth Neal


water rocking chair

The Water-filled Southern Hemisphere Rocking Chair by Ron Arad