Saeco Royal Professional Espresso Machine

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the java lover in your life, why not go for the gusto of a professional series espresso machine. The Saeco “Royal Professional Espresso Machine” features a fully automated automatic milk frothing system that will have you serving perfect foam for cappuccino and lattes in seconds. As an additional feature to the standard built-in steam wand, the auto frother makes dense foam, and you can adjust the quantity of coffee and water for each cup and the coffee temperature at the press of a button. The Saeco espresso machine also includes a cup warmer, removable internal brewing system for simple cleanup, built in coffee grinder, messages in multiple languages, cup counter, energy saving mode, timer, water hardness setting, and more.

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    What is amazing is that this machine has been around for over 10 years now and its popularity has never waned. For a home machine or as a coffee machine for your office of up to 30 staff this machine will produce cup after cup of cafe quality espresso coffee.

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    We have had one of these in our office for 5 years and love it today as much as the day it arrived.