Shag Area Rugs Bring Back a Retro Look

In a recent post I reported on the strong come back of white lacquer furniture, a style that has been away for a few years, but made a strong showing at this year’s High Point Furniture Market. Well here is another come back on the interior design scene that will surely bring back some memories, hopefully good ones. That’s right, shag area rugs. Of coarse no ones ready to do the entire home like they did in the 70’s, but the area rugs may be just the start. Area rugs are a great cost effective way to introduce color and texture to rooms with tile or hardwood floors. In addition many of the rug companies are issuing really thick long shags in colors like lime green, orange, pink, and other cool colors. I recommend getting a rug made of synthetic fibers like olefin, and a size that’s not to big so you can take it outside and shake it out, 5×8 or 6×9 is perfect.