Solaris Sunshade Hides You From The Sun While Powering Your Gadgets

The Solaris is an interesting sun-powered concept that will make your pool days even better. The Solaris Sunshade will basically harness the juice from the sun and turn it into precious power that could power your mobile gadgets. Thanks to those panels on top, you’ll never have to walk back to the house to charge your phone or laptop and you can enjoy some blessed shade while quickly dealing with fast messages and emails or Internet browsing. This is definitely the kind of eco-friendly gadget I’d like to have in my back yard, too bad it’s just a concept for the time being.

Solaris Sunshade 1.jpg
Solaris Sunshade 2.jpg

Solaris Sunshade 3.jpg
Solaris Sunshade 4.jpg
Solaris Sunshade 5.jpg
Solaris Sunshade 6.jpg