Spring Hot Color Trends in Furniture Fashion

Spring always brings new fashion and trends in as shoppers enjoy warmer weather and get a reprieve from the cold. For those that are looking for current color trends in furniture and home design, I created this blog post. Pumpkin color has really taken off. This color is being embraced by consumers and is just not sitting on showroom floors. Sofas, chairs and love seats in particular have been hot in pumpkin this spring. Shoppers continue to buy these pieces for their homes. Items such as accentpillows are also gaining in popularity. Many fashion and decor magazines may not have a direct picture of a pumpkin colored sofa, but you can see the pumpkin colored accent pillows on the furniture in the picture. Pumpkin has gained in popularity, because it is much softer than orange and easier on the eyes. Orange’s bold and vibrant look is just too strong for most shoppers. Where pumpkin has gained in popularity, yellow has declined. I had someone say to me recently that “orange is the new yellow”. There is a lot of evidence to support this comment.
bedroom furniture

Softer shades of red such as cherry are also popular. Cherry color is selling well in micro-fiber sofas, chairs and love seats. Shoppers are finding the micro-fiber pieces fashionable and complimenting their home decor. This color can spice up a room and give it a warm feeling and yet not be too strong as to not work with other decorative pieces. There is a reason for the trend in micro-fiber cherry. Red leather still makes a bold statement, whereas in fabric based pieces, it lacks the same intensity in its fashion statement. Therefore, consumers are finding it more subdued than its leather counterparts and more workable in the overall room design.