Squeaky Clean: 10 Stunning Modern Bathroom Tile Designs

There’s something sublime about a glistening, gleaming powder room that’s nearly clinical in its coolness.  Today’s roundup of modern bathroom tile designs presents a range of colors — mostly cool, with an emphasis on turquoise, blue, green and white, with a few updated black-and-white classics thrown in as well.  The only exception to the collection of stark sea-inspired cleanliness is a design brought to us by Bed & Breakfast that looks quite a bit like what it must be like to stand inside an enormous treasure chest, with corrugations of gold, amber and other earth tones.  Each and every one of the designs in today’s series, though, is sleek, smooth and clean as a whistle, just the way it should be.

glass bubble tile

Circular Glass Tile Backsplash by Evit



wavy white bathroom tile

Undulating White Tile by Qatar Nacar



grey horizontal glass tiles

Grey Glass Tiles from Get Green Home



peridot square tiles

Peridot-Colored Tiles from Foul Designs



gold bathroom tile

Treasure Chest Tile Design from Bed and Breakfast



black & white patterned tile

Black & White Patterned Tile from Smart Design



black and white textured tile

Black & White Textured Tile from Lighthouse Color



aquamarine tile

Aquamarine Tile from Ready Designs



aqua bathroom tile

Light Blue Glass Tiles from Houzz



blue bathroom tiles

Bijou Blue Blend Shower Design from Susan Jablon Mosaics