Staircase-Shaped House Lets You Go to the Top of the… House

There really aren’t that many houses out there that will let you climb all the way to the top of their roofs on a regular basis. But the staircase-shaped house will certainly make sure that, at any time you’d want to, you could actually go on top of the roof and enjoy the view. The roof of the house looks like a flight of stairs and underneath it you’ll find plenty of interesting rooms to explore. The staircase-shaped house will let you make the most of natural light during the day while also guarding your privacy. From the looks of it this concept house has lots of space to accommodate all your needs, and it would certainly be a great place to raise a family.

Staircase House 1.jpg
Staircase House 2.jpg

Staircase House 3.jpg
Staircase House 5.jpg