The Balloon X Lamps Perfect For Diwali Celebrations

With Indians all over the globe, celebrating  Diwali the festival of lights today, we thought it is appropriate to focus the spotlight (pardon the pun) on the Balloon X Lamps. The lamps have a very Eastern sensibility to them and the red dish inside the glass dome bares a striking resemblance to the earthen oil diyas/lights burnt during Diwali. The muted glow of the lamp along with its unmistakable luminous quality, makes the Balloons Collection an arresting juxtaposition of materiality and translucency. Designed by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova for BROKIS, the collection is  “based on an idea of ‘invisible’ volume with a floating reflector. There and not there, seen and unseen, creating an ambient and artistic object.” 

floating lights


floating oil lamps