The Crowdsourced Pet Dish by Maya Khaira for Style Factory

Crowdsourcing has become a popular method for marketers and brand-builders to decide on things like logo designs and tag lines, but Style Factory takes it to a new level with its community approach to product development. In their own words: “We revolutionize design in our ‘Vote’ section, where the passion of the community influences which products will be made.”  A fetching recent example of the community’s wares is the “Bend” pet dish by up-and-coming designer Maya Khaira.  Made of zebrawood, the naturally-striped wooden dish forms a bell curve with a food bowl perched in the center, blending form and fashion by offering a raised feeding dish that doesn’t sacrifice style.  Thanks to Khaira’s talent, Style Factory’s ingenuity and the good taste and enthusiasm of the community’s followers, your pup can dine in style for $85.

Pet Dish

raised dog bowl stand