The Future of Productivity: The Ala Desk by Estel

In a business world where every day becomes increasing complex and busy, take control of your professional life with an executive desk that will streamline your day.  The Ala Desk by Estel is sleek, simple, and all business.  There’s no missing the chic statement this desk will make in your office around clients, coworkers, and guests.  Its architectural, sharp lines are high on contemporary design but the Ala Desk is undoubtedly designed with function and practicality at the forefront.


ala 1

Ala desk is perfect for productivity and style

ala 2

Ala desk by Estel


The large, primary work surface of the Ala desk by Estel, boasts a sliding leather insert to keep the charging station near at hand for the modern executive.  The secondary rear work surface is available with an adjustable height feature so you can position it wherever you need it to hold anything from drinks to paperwork, depending on the task at hand.


ala 3

Ala desk by Estel


Now that you can see exactly how useful the Ala Desk is every day consider its bold design that makes it just as attractive to admire as it is to utilize.  The shelves and front panels are finished with a dramatic dark lacquered wood.  The structure itself is a cantilever system that means the desk needs little traditional support in the form of standard legs.  Instead, the Ala Desk has the clean lines of a jet wing ready to take flight, not weigh down an office all day.  With the Ala Desk, your productivity and professional style will increase simultaneously, and you’ll never look back.


Ready to move forward with an executive desk that gets the work done?