The Last Word: 10 Cool Writing Desk Designs

Writers are funny individuals.  Give them a spacious, modern office with all sorts of bells and whistles and they find themselves practically immobilized, but put them in a tiny, quiet nook with barely a comfortable angle and they’re happy as clams.  So it’s no mistake that writers’ desks are often small and humble things without a lot of ornamentation.  Today, we’ve rounded up a host of cool writing desk designs that play a bit with color and form — one even hinges its drawers together and lets them fold out from the wall behind them like an accordion — but the common thread among the elements in today’s series is an unfettered flat surface with just enough room for a computer… and perhaps a cup of coffee to help burn the midnight oil and crank out those great, long-winded masterpieces.

writing desk with drawers

Hinged Drawers Desk by Raw Edges for Arco


cantilever desk

Bulego Desk by Nueva Línea


sleek white writing desk

Deer Desk by Alex Kozynets


teal writing desk

Teal and Brown Writing Desk by Michael Young


silver and glass desk

The Cobra Desk by Laurie Beckerman


designer writing desk

VUVUVU Desk by Emmemobili


white easel desk

White Desk by Michael Young


Italian writing desk

Writing Desk by Saporiti Italia


pistachio writing desk

Yves Writing Desk by Pinch Design


unusual writing desks

Z Curvilinear Desk by Eric Ritter


Yves desk found at Pinch Design.