The MechaniCard: A Grown-Up Jack-in-the-Box for Your Coffee Table

Engineering and art combine to provide the perfect conversation piece in artist Bradley Litwin’s MechaniCards — fully functional, handmade kinetic sculptures crafted primarily out of paperboard.  Sort of like a jack-in-the-box for adults, each of the five kinetic sculptures in the original collection exhibits its own reaction when wound by hand.  Each card in the series comes either fully assembled or, for hobbyists who like a challenge, as a do-it-yourself kit; wooden display cases are sold separately.  The intrductory series includes The Radial Engine, The Yike-a-Cycle, The Strum-u-Lator, The Ambigulator and Dragonfly Surprise — each about the size of a greeting card.  $65-75 for a DIY kit, $75-95 for a pre-assembled model, or $300 for the entire set.

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