The All In One Home Theater by GenevaSound of Switzerland

In addition to the cool and innovative GenevaSound systems that make the best of your Ipod’s capabilities, the GenevaSound Home Theater shares all of the same interactive possibilities and provides a quality TV stand in the process. This piano-lacquered single wood cabinet is an all-in-one home audio system with built-in connections for CD, radio, iPod and an iPhone as well as line-ins for any auxiliary sound source. The GenevaSound Home Theater houses seven speakers, all individually powered by extremely efficient advanced all-digital Class D amps (7×100 = 700Watts) . Patented algorithms of the EmbracingSound signal processor, GenevaSound adapts the left and right sound signals to create a wide, deep and high stereo image from a single cabinet. The sound image is always balanced, with a full sound stage that embraces the listeners no matter where they are in the room. $3999

All in One Home Theater System