The PW-747 Cowling Bar from MotoArt

It is hard to look good standing next to beautiful women, but the PW-747 Cowling Bar from MotoArt pulls it off nicely. When it is party time or just after a long day on the job, the Cowling Bar made from an authentic Pratt & Whitney jet engine cowling once used to power a Boeing 747 is a great place to gather for a social beverage. In addition to the obvious “cool factor” there are plenty of usable shelves for storage, and a hardwood bar counter top for mixing drinks. Other features include a 1/2″ tempered glass top supported by mirror polished aluminum stand-offs. Each bar is custom fabricated from the folks at MotoArt.

bar furniture and serving stations

bars and bar room furniture motoart
bars and bar furniture motoart
bar from 747parts