The Refrigerator 2 Fridge TV Knows Exactly What You Like

This thing in the pictures below happens to be one of the most interesting fridges your kitchen could ever wish for. Not only does the Refrigerator 2 conveniently hide your favorite food but it also has a built-in TV that will let you enjoy your special shows while enjoying exactly the meal you like. Maybe it’s the news in the morning over a bowl of cereal or maybe it’s your favorite afternoon talk show over a tasty snack; you get to choose both the food and the program you want to watch. Oh and the built-in TV is a pretty decent 14-inch set ready to answer all your commands. So what do you say, would you be ready to exchange your old refrigerator for a brand new one, say the Refrigerator 2?

Refrigerator 1.jpg
Refrigerator 2.jpg