The Ultimate Blender : Blentec Connoisseur Convertible A3-31E-BHM

If you believe in buying something only once then you may want to consider the Blendtec A3-31E-BHM Connoisseur convertible ultimate blender. If you have ever seen the demonstration of this countertop or built in blender then you know it won’t stop for anything. Blentec put the Connoisseur through rigorous testing and blending of hard and coarse objects that would destroy most blenders to make sure it will last a life time under any conditions. The 1500 watts motor surrounded by surgical stainless steel is controlled by LED lit touch pad combining the ultimate durability in modern elegance. The Blendtec A3-31E-BHM Connoisseur also allows mobility with the included table top base mount for patio use, or you can build it into a counter top as a fixture in your kitchen. A lifetime warranty on cupping and stainless steel blade ensure a life time of blending any thing you desire from soups to bread dough. $800

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