Three Awesome Space-Age Game Tables

Life is stressful.  So why not take a load off every once in a while and lose ourselves in the simple diversion of a game?  Today’s roundup of awesome space-age game tables highlights three of the loftiest options on the market; one is a pool table outfitted with an overhead projection system that tries to throw off your game with moving imagery messing with your vision as you shoot, another is an LED pong table, and the third is an even more futuristic take on another college dorm favorite (namely, foosball), with a sleek and shiny presentation that wouldn’t look the slightest bit out of place in a spaceship.  These tables may be rather high-end, but the sentiment remains the same as the initial invention of the games themselves: it’s fun to have fun.

pool table with projection screen

The Obscura CueLight Pool Table


ultimate game table

The 11 Table by GRO Design


LED pong table

The LED Pong Table by Moritz Waldemeyer


LED pong table found at Waldemeyer’s blog.