Transitional Bathroom Furniture by Lacava

“Flou” by Lacava is a fine example of transitional bathroom furniture. Based on more traditional designs, Lacava has reshaped this bathroom vanity and updated it to a more modern appearance. The result is transitional meaning that “Flou” can work in several decorating settings including traditional, and contemporary. Since I am a fan of modern design I am not very surprised when someone not as into modern takes a shine to a piece like “Flou”. In some ways there is a part of each of us that wants to look more current, but it may take the right type of transitional bathroom furniture to bring it out. More information: here.

transitional bathroom furniture and decorating

Flou by Lacava
Beautiful Bathroom Furniture
  • loveseats

    nice one. though we spend a little more, its worth it. shows the quality of the designer.

  • Joseph

    You have started a very interesting discussion on bathroom design. I’m a cabinetmaker who really does not want to make kitchens and bathrooms for a living, because the most of what is done in the US is just boxes with a “choice of doors and drawer fronts,” the most of which are made in a factory somewhere. Boring. I want to do something else if I can, but what?
    European design just absolutely blows my mind, and I find myself reading quite a bit on it, even though these are often modular kitchens and bathrooms that one would simply send away for and have installed by a local craftsman. But what fascinates me is the utter innovation of those designs, so I find myself returning to them quite a bit.
    I am also looking to design two bathrooms and a kitchen for my wife in too-small spaces in a tract home, which necessarily lets out those wonderful European designs that excite me so. And whenever I find myself going out on a limb with some idea or another, my wife always grounds me by saying, “If you stick with the classics, you won’t grow tired of them.”
    So, what do you do that is different and yet timeless and practical and stimulating to make if you’re a cabinetmaker? I ever figure it out, I mean to make it for us and splash those babies all over the Internet!
    What you’ve written, though, has given me quite a bit to think about, and I thank you for sharing your concepts.

  • John

    Thanks for the comments, Joseph. I concur with your views as I keep looking to European design on bathrooms. I think there can be a “merge” between the two styles. if you do create something, let us know. We would love to run a story on it. John