Trinus – A Sofa Bed for Small Space Living

When living in small spaces it is critical to select the right furniture that can make use of the space well while providing the needs of you and your guests. The Trinus sofa bed is a small footprint piece of furniture that begins as a chair and winds up a sofa bed. Many sofa-bed models on the market are bulky and before their transition look like a normal sofa or couch. The transformation from “chair to sleeping area” is rarer and in this, Trinus has delivered. It’s also nice that it can be converted into a chaise lounge, which is a great way to relax with a book or television.

Chair to Sofa Bed
furniture sofa beds
small sofa bed
Trinus by Cor Furniture

  • Nessa

    a very good sofa bed.. even good as a lounger… looks good for small spaces and functionality… its good to know that in this time of small homes..

  • Small Computer Desks

    Very cool concept for a studio apartment or in the corner of that home office, particularly if you have buddies that need a place to crash occasionally.

  • Rowena

    Wow it good, i do really love a furniture that functional. Good design…

  • Gerry

    is this available here in Philippines?