Upon Reflection: 10 Futuristic Mirrors

The holidays may be a time of reflection in the figurative sense, but today we’re getting literal with a roundup of ten futuristic mirrors.  From the sleek simplicity of the perfectly round Guanye Glass wall mirror to the startlingly techno-savvy interface of the “Shiny Balls” creation by Daniel Rozin Interactive Art, which employs a bit of mechanical magic to produce its “reflection,” there’s something for every price point and comfort zone in today’s image curation.  Although Narcissus may have met a less-than-brilliant end after staring at himself for a smidge too long, with mirrors like these, we think such an action is merely a misdemeanor, if that.  Because when you’re staring into one of these artful products, you’re likely studying the item itself as much as your own visage.  So, why not reflect all you want?  We won’t judge.

mechanical mirror

Shiny Balls Mechanical Mirror by Daniel Rozin Interactive Art


animal mirror

Bear Mirror by Creazioni


unique mirrors

Fascination Mirror from Varaluz


sunglasses mirror

Looking Good Mirror by Thabto


drip mirror

Mizukagami Mirror by Rikako Nagashima and Hideto Hyoudou


cutout mirrors

Narcisse Glassware Mirrors from Domestic


unusual mirror

Narcisse Vanity Mirror from Domestic


round wall mirror

Round Wall Mirror by Guanye Glass


mirrored clock

Time Mirror and Clock by Antonio Aravelo


vortex mirror

Vortex Round Wall Mirror by NOVA Lighting


Mechanical mirror found at Daniel Rozin Interactive Art.