Vapor Sky Creates Personalized Art from Significant Moments & Sounds

In a world of mass-production and crass consumerism with nary a story to be told behind almost anything anyone buys, Vapor Sky has come up with an inventive way to capture personal moments and thoughts and display them as art.  Its Stellar Décor concept presents a canvas print of the stars, planets and constellations exactly as they were configured at the moment of your choosing: the exact day & time you were born, proposed to your wife, made that big career break, or whatever else you want cosmically captured for posterity (with a splash of your favorite color thrown in for style). Alternatively, Vapor Sky’s Resonant Décor captures the waveform of the sound of your choice; you can record and send a favorite note in a song, a loved one’s voice saying something significant or any other sonic moment you’d like, and have it displayed in a piece of canvas wall art with a custom-colored gradient design to make it… well, sing.  Prints begin at $200.