We’ve Got the Blues: 10 Blue & White Patterned Chair Designs

Few color duos are as crisp, classic and timeless as blue and white.  Calling to mind everything from nautical themes and beachside villas to regattas and the Greek flag, the stark contrast between the two hues commands attention and conveys an ironically laid-back sense of formality and continuity across generations.  Although limiting in terms of color schemes when it comes to home decor, the pair blends nicely with neutrals and does well when accented with small, occasional pops of bold colors from the opposite end of the wheel; a deeply saturated orange, for example, looks divine when set against a blue and white backdrop, but the combo isn’t for the faint of heart.  For traditionalists, keeping the duet pure without a third color is a winner every time.  For those on either side of the coin, though, we now present a roundup of ten blue and white patterned chair designs… what you do with them, of course, is entirely up to you.

blue and white patterned chair

Porter Chair by Kim Salmela


blue and white patterned chairs

Barrel Back Chair from Coaster Company


blue patterned chairs

Blue Floral Accent Chair from Armen Living


blue patterned chair

Blue Ikat Chair from Vendela


blue patterned accent chair

Blue Patterned Accent Chair from Kinfine


blue and white accent chair

Blue Squares Chair from The Easton Collection


turquoise and white chair

Emme Accent Chair in Blue from Savvy Spaces


blue marseilles chair

Marseilles Upholstered Chair from Urban Motifs


navy and white chair

Navy and White Barrel Chair from Powell


navy plaid chair

Stratford Plaid Chair from Royal Manufacturing


Vendela Ikat chair found at Lamps Plus.