What’s Cookin’: 10 Amazing Sets of Kitchen Cabinets

Hey, good lookin’… whatcha got cookin’?  It stands to reason that you could actually get away with serving burnt pot roast and undercooked vegetables without your dinner guests noticing a thing, as long as they’ve got something as mesmerizing as today’s roundup of kitchen cabinets to stare at. From simple stainless steel to bombastic, shiny reds and yellows and even good old-fashioned wood and an upcycled series of wine crates, this gathering of cabinetry images is sure to spark an idea or two about making your kitchen look as tantalizing as it (hopefully) smells.

yellow kitchen cabinets

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets from Arreditaly



purple kitchen cabinets

Violet Cabinets from Seta by Arredo 3



red and blonde kitchen

Red & Blonde Cabinets by Poggenpohl US Inc



mustard colored cabinets

Mustard-Colored Cabinetry by Colombini



sleek modern kitchen cabinet design

Modern Cabinets by Studio Snaidero Wisconsin



cherry cabinets

Cherry-Finish Cabinets by Scavolini



stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Elektra Plain Steel Cabinets by Ernestomeda



graphic kitchen cabinets

Bright Graphic Cabinets by Scavolini Two



upcycled wine crate cabinets

Upcycled Wine Crate Cabinets from Readymade



modern rustic kitchen cabinets

Modern Rustic Cabinetry by LGD Design



Yellow kitchen cabinets found at Arreditaly.