What’s Cookin: 10 New, Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Something about the holidays makes us want to get into the kitchen, doesn’t it?  Even those of us with zero culinary prowess get caught up in the spirit of the season and think it’s a good idea to try our hand at pie-baking, cookie-making and other pursuits well beyond our abilities.  Maybe it’s something to do with all the parties and gatherings; maybe it’s related to hours on end stuck indoors and whiling away the hours until the cold winter winds die down.  Whatever the cause, the effect can be anything between delicious and inedible, but regardless of where you might fall on that continuum, we’ve got a roundup of new, cool kitchen gadgets for you.  If all else fails and you give up on your kitchen pursuits this year, hey… at least they make great gifts.

pour over coffee maker

Bistro Pour-Over Coffee Maker by Bodum


crock pot trio

3-Crock Buffet Server by TRU


electronic kettle

E-Kettle by Chantal


ferris wheel spice rack

Ferris Deluxe Spice Rack


potato ricer

Good Grip Potato Ricer by OXO


guy fieri knives

Knife Set by Guy Fieri


collapsible wine tote

Origami Wine Tote by BUILT


beef jerky gun

Original Jerky Gun Jr by Weston


digital kitchen scale

Primo Digital Scale by Escali


cool flasks

The Shot Flask by Stone Cask



Shot Flask found at ShotFlask.com.