Where The Wild Things Are: The Merve Kahraman Animal Chair

When it comes to the world of taxidermy, we typically think of stuffy English estates and expansive rustic wilderness lodges… but rarely do we think of Italy, nor of whimsicality.  Both factors play heavily into the “Hybrid 1″ chair by Merve Kahraman, who studied interior design at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan before moving to London. Perhaps the English countryside influenced her forthcoming projects while she was completing her master’s at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the heart of the UK, because  it certainly shows itself in the antlers protruding from the back of her animal chair designs (while Hybrid 1 is based on the appearance of a deer, Hybrid 2 mimics a rabbit).  Her idea to create an “anthro chair [that] unions with its owner, merging into one” plays well in this case; depending on the height of the person sitting in it, Hybrid 2 takes the act of giving someone bunny ears in a photo to a whole new level, while Hybrid 1 just plain looks cool. Crafted from dark chocolate lacquer-finished wood and special leather upholstery, the chair stands 60cm wide by 50cm deep and 150 cm tall.



animal chairs


hybrid chair


hybrid animal chair


Image credits: Merve Kahraman.