Windoro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Goes Vertically Rather than Horizontally

I am sure that by now you are more than familiar with robot vacuum cleaners like the popular Roomba that automatically cleans your house even when you’re not at home to supervise it. So what if there was one such device ready to clean your windows too? Windoro is the name of this cleaning robot and it can go vertically to perform that task. In fact the Windoro will clean both sides of the window at the same time but for such a trick to be performed you’d need to supervise the robot. The Windoro has two halves and each one is placed on one side of the window. Then they get attached thanks to neodymium magnets even if they’re separated by glass. Now all we need is for PIRO, the makers of the Windoro, to publicly release this modern home appliance, and our windows will be cleaner than ever.