Modern Bathroom Accessories by Mastertecno

With the goal of “researching and producing technologically advanced bathroom furnishings” Mastertecno has made the thirty years of experience into a work of art. The Mastertecno line is comprised of sleek modern porcelain bathroom creations that are eye catching to say the least. As you can see there is a focus on zero clutter and making sinks and cabinetry as minimal as possible, yet managing to make a bold statement with unique shapes and finishes. The Folio and Ifattiamano sink, toilet, and bidet sets shown here are just a sampling of the concepts waiting for your bathroom.

  • Michelle

    Does anyone know if these products are sold in the United States? There website only lists Italian agents. My questions concern the benches and support surfaces. Regarding the benchs the use of the marine plywood is intriguing. Does anyone know if the are veneered or just finished as is? For the support surfaces what woods are used and are they solid? Also, any idea on pricing?

  • John

    We received word from the manufacturer that they have no agents currently in the United States.