10 Amazing Floor Lamps to Light Up Your Life

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Pleat Floor Lamp from Dum Office

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There’s but one simple truth when it comes to looking your best when lounging around at home: overhead lights should be outlawed.  Ask any self-respecting woman how she feels about having dinner in someone’s home with a harsh ceiling light shining down from above, and she’ll shake her head and sigh.  Gone are the days of the dome light; that’s why we’re coming to the rescue with today’s roundup of amazing floor lamps.  These snappy little solutions provide just as many lumens — if not more — than their prehistoric counterparts, but they cast light upward and/or outward instead of down, sparing everyone underneath from ominous shadows and under-eye circles. Bring one of these home with you, and congratulations — you and everyone in your after-hours company just got considerably more attractive.

10 Amazing Floor Lamps to Light Up Your Life



propellor blade lamp



modern floor lamps



swedish floor lamps



mod neon floor lamps



modern arch floor lamp



classic arch floor lamp



praying mantis lamp



terra floor lamp



botanical floor lamp



Praying mantis floor lamp found at White on White.