10 Bakers Racks Served Straight Up

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Vined Bakers Rack from Aenias

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Bakers racks generally bring to mind terms like “cute” and “precious,” calling up images of grandma’s kitchen, enthusiastically embroidered hand towels, and an abundance of wrought iron swirls and knotted oak.  In today’s roundup, however, there’s a remarkable absence of all of the above; this curation in particular is rather utilitarian, using the same iron and wood basics found in those cutesy racks at grandma’s, but rendered in a whole new way.  These racks are devoid of fussy details and presented instead with either simple, straightforward lines (like the rustic austerity of the Charleston Forge rack) or aggressive, creative tangents (like the branches of the vined bakers rack from Aenias).  Without all the extra flourishes of their counterparts, this collection doesn’t distract from the real star of the show: the main course.  So pull up a chair; dinner’s almost ready.

10 Bakers Racks Served Straight Up


industrial bakers rack



classic bakers rack



simple bakers rack



unique bakers rack



corner bakers rack



minimalist bakers rack



professional bakers rack



wood bakers rack



sleek black bakers rack


Vined bakers rack found at Aenias.

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