10 Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Designs

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There’s no need to go over the top when planning a bathroom redesign; a little dab’ll do just fine.  Today’s roundup of beautiful bathroom vanity designs eschews excess lines, fuss and bother and keeps things straight and streamlined.  Because after all, if the bathroom is where we go to get as clean as possible, shouldn’t the bathroom live up to its job?  Behold these ten basic but beautiful vanities — some small, some big, some single, some double — but all sleek and classic and with lines as clean as a whistle.

double vanity design
Sette Double Vanity by Componendo



double bathroom vanity
Centottanta Double Vanity by Componendo



bathroom vanity
Clementina Double Vanity from Virtu USA



bathroom sink
Diana Q401 from Ardi Bathrooms



unique bathroom vanities
Flux Bathroom Vanities by Lasa Idea



Asian inspired bathroom vanity
Foshan Yije Vanity



green double vanity
Green Double Vanity from Radioso



modern vanity
Modern Vanity from Tilda



solid oak bathroom vanity
Solid Oak Vanity from Novello



wall-mounted bathroom vanity
Venceslao Modern Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity


Several elements found at Componendo.