10 Bright, Bold Sets of Colored Kitchen Cabinets

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Luxe Blue Kitchen by Miles Redd via Elle Decor

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Even though space (or lack thereof) may sometimes be a prohibitive thing, one thing that offers limitless possibilities in any room of the house is color.  And since the kitchen is a space in which we spend our mornings waking up over coffee and a quick bite, as well as a place where we engage in lively conversation over dinner preparation, bright colors are right at home both aesthetically and psychologically.  So, today’s roundup of colored kitchen cabinets spans the entire rainbow from the brightest of reds to the deepest of blues, as well as everything else along the spectrum in between.  Let’s get cooking, shall we?

blue kitchen cabinets
Luxe Blue Kitchen by Miles Redd via Elle Decor



bright blue kitchen cabinets
Blue Cabinets via ArchDeco



blue kitchen
Blue Kitchen Cabinets via Davinong



green kitchen cabinets
Green Kitchen Cabinets via Minimalisti



orange kitchen cabinets
Orange Cabinets via Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas



purple kitchen cabinets
Purple Kitchen Cabinets via Minimalisti



red kitchen cabinets
Red Cabinetry by Leone Mazzari



red kitchen
Red Kitchen Cabinets via Bill Zano Home Design



yellow kitchen cabinets
Yellow Cabinets via Hat Factory Furniture



colored kitchen cabinets
Yellow Kitchen Cabinets via Minimalisti

Several elements in today’s series found at Minimalisti.