10 Brilliant Modern Staircase Designs

Landscaped Staircase in Seoul via Dezeen

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There’s just something compelling about a set of stairs.  Even if it’s based on the most basic design and made of the most boring materials, the visual impact of so much symmetry in such a confined space is almost always interesting to behold, and today’s roundup of modern staircase designs kicks things up a notch in the creativity department.  From the perma-landscaping around the white set of stairs in the first element of the series to the cohesive little family of yellow patterns on the last, each set holds its own individual charm thanks to a little wit and inventiveness.  Going up?  Yes indeed.


10 Brilliant Modern Staircase Designs



clear staircase



artistic modern staircases



floating stairs



modern contrast stairs



contemporary lighted staircase



mirrored stairs



stenciled stairs



art stairs



mosaic patterned stairs


Scripted stairs found at The Old Vine Cafe.