10 Brilliantly Upcycled Coffee Tables

There’s nothing boring or predictable about the design world these days, particularly when it comes to environmentally-conscious furniture.  To wit: whether you just moved and completely redecorated but ran out of room in the budget for a new coffee table, or you love bowling and can’t stand the fact that your local alley is closing, or you proposed to your wife atop the Golden Gate Bridge and wish there were some way to commemorate the moment in your home since there weren’t any cameras present, there’s a coffee table out there for you (or, at least, someone who can customize one just for your needs).  Moving pallets are all the rage in inventive furniture design at the moment since they’re generally perfectly stable structures made of strong wood, and companies like CounterEvolution and the Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Company have made niches for themselves crafting furniture out of reclaimed wood from bowling alley lanes and… well, obviously, weathered metal cast-offs from Golden Gate Bridge renovations.  Wonders never cease, and neither does the resourcefulness of some of the craftiest minds in the marketplace today. And now, without further ado, we present you our curation of ten brilliantly upcycled coffee tables.

upcycled spool top table

Upcycled Spool Top Coffee Table from MFEO via Etsy



upcycled pallet table

Coffee Table from Upcycled Shipping Pallet Creations



table made from stove

Coffee Table Made from Occidental Stove – via Pairs of Chairs



bowling lane table

Manhattan Reclaimed Bowling Lane Table from CounterEvolution



pallet coffee tables

Painted Pallet Coffee Table via Design Finch



Golden Gate Bridge table

Reclaimed Metal Coffee Table by Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Company



rock and roll coffee table

Rock & Roll Tour Case Coffee Table from HipCycle



British relic coffee table

Upcycled British Ammunition Box from Something or Other via Etsy



coffee tables made from upcycled objects

Upcycled by Lucy Turner Team Cornwall Coffee Table



Authentic Golden Gate Bridge table found at Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Company.