10 Contemporary Chaise Lounges for the Ultimate Chilling

I love the look of contemporary chaise lounges and how seating is combined with artistic and architectural elements.  Where most chairs are constrained by being boxy or geometrically square or rectangular, these pieces can flow in their design and provide a unique look to a living room or outdoor space in the home.  Chilling came to mind as an appropriate term, as I can see relaxing on any of these ten examples watching television, reading a book or even taking a nap.  If you are a person that likes to pick your feet up using ottomans or recliners, these chairs fit that mold exactly.  I see many interior design pictures where there is a sofa, fireplace, coffee table and a chaise as well.   My eye is drawn to that piece of furniture as it stands out in those pictures.   When conceptualizing a room think about adding key pieces that catch the attention of guests and your family.  It might be a grand piano in one room or a great dining table set, but in each one there should be something that is a focal point.

wooden slatted chaise lounge with floor base

Contemporary black and cream colored chaise lounge

What an interesting example above.  The base is an arc made of solid wood creating a great foundation which stabilizes the furniture.  Whereas the base is solid and more industrial, the top part is much more minimal using segmented cushions and very little metal to keep its shape.  The use of cream and black offers a lot of color touches in tying this piece into an overall theme in a house.

plastic red based chaise with red upholstery

Minimal red fabric chaise lounge metal legs

flowing white chaise lounge with metal base

Contemporary Black Chaise Lounge With Side Table

Africa inspired leather chaise lounge seating

Outdoor chaise lounge in wicker with woman

Outdoor furniture models are so much fun.  This picture highlights a woman relaxing and catching some sun.  It goes wonderfully with the deck.  Try this style out with a pool and you will be happy with the results.  It can easily be paired with traditional chairs and tables to create many seating options for a family.

black patterned chaise lounge with short legs

White chaise lounge wooden base with cover

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I love the look of contemporary chaise lounges and how seating is combined with artistic and architectural elements. Where most chairs are constrained