10 Cool Pieces of Neon Wall Art

Of late, there’s been a fascinating resurgence in interest regarding neon wall art; even the swankiest of watering holes are returning to the 1950s decor staple, it’s showing up in typographical exercises the web over, and perhaps the most telling sign that it’s well on its way to homes throughout suburbia: it’s all over Pinterest.  And we’re not talking about the bright fluorescent color palette that’s on its way back en vogue from where we left it in the 1980s; we’re talking about actual neon lights that buzz and hum, reminding us of honky tonk bars and Broadway marquees alike.  Here, we present a roundup of ten simple, straightforward signs, from a 70-year-old star meant for a cafeteria storefront to custom-made living room wall hangings from the here and now.

neon wall art

Neon Art Image by Alex Amend Photography via Houzz


neon art

Delight Neon Sign by Brigitte Kowanz


neon wall hangings

Jellyfish Art by Ehlenberger


neon sign

Neon Art by Jonathan Parsons


neon signs for the home

Neon Art by Tracey Emin


neon decor

Neon Man in Hat by Atlantic Neon Company


neon decoration

Neon Sign by Todd Sanders of Roadhouse Relics


neon sign decor

Neon Star from Clifton’s Cafeteria


cool neon art

Neon Wall Art via Inreda Utreda


neon sign art

Neon Wall Art via Postmodernista



Neon man in hat found at Atlantic Neon Company.