Bamboo Flooring

10 Examples of Bamboo Flooring from Homes With Pictures

Bamboo Flooring

If you are searching for examples of bamboo flooring, then look no further.  Our editorial staff has put together a group of ten pictures taken from homes that show the many options available from this wood.  It’s common knowledge that a big attraction is the fact it is sustainable and grows quickly.

Unlike oak and other hardwoods, it can take years for those trees produce a sizable amount of lumber.  One of the lesser-known facts is how varied and diverse the wood can be.  There are many patterns and grains in the wood and an assortment of colors from light to dark.  The ten pictures showcase this flexibility.


Example of Bamboo Flooring in a Home

What a beautiful grain in this living room.  The color choice was a perfect being not too light and not too dark.  Notice how long each plank is.  This design is very tastefully done.


Bedroom Design with Sustainable Wood Flooring

Here we see bamboo working great in a bedroom.  The furniture is so light and the bedding that the floor really shows up in contrast.


Living Room Layout with Furniture and Staircase


When I first saw this, I almost thought it to be a walnut.  This grain is striking with natural light and dark streaks inside.  The entire floor when put together really creates a great look.  This is a great example of the array of choices.


Slate Colored Wood Flooring Inside Modern Home


Perhaps there is coloring here in the form of slate or a muted blue.  One would not think this to be a sustainable product, but more in line with a hardwood variety.

Small Den With Slanted Walls and Furniture


Home Design in Wood and White Coloring


Large Brick Wall Fireplace in Living Room


This is the most common representation we see in the above contemporary living room design.  It is neutral featuring a light varnish.


Beautiful Wood Flooring in Sustainable Bamboo

Minimal Home Design with Small Furniture


It’s great to see the above picture when there is not a glossy additive.  Again that is the choice of any shopper whether to have a glossy finish or go for something more like above.


Large Living Room With Sectional and Table

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