10 Flagstone Patio Designs Perfect for Your Outdoor Space

10 Flagstone Patio Designs Perfect for Your Outdoor Space 9

There are so many choices for construction when it comes to designing an outdoor space. Wood, stone and concrete make up the bulk of options that most families consider for flooring. Today, we are sharing 10 flagstone patio designs that moved our editorial team with their inspiration, artistry and overall visual appeal. Some of the photos feature layouts that utilize natural ground or grass in between each stone whereas others utilize grout to bring the overall look together. A great feature in flagstone is the ability to place it down on your own as a DIY project.   There are many instructional videos on this topic and the stone is widely available throughout the world.

black flagstone patio

custom flagstone patios

dark flagstone patio

flagstone patio design

flagstone patio designs

flagstone patio pictures

flagstone patio with fire pit

flagstone patio with pool

light flagstone patios

natural stone patios

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