10 Gorgeous Modern Sinks

The bathroom in general isn’t particularly glamorous, but when you think about it, it’s the place where we take care to look our best — to coif our hair, do our makeup, spritz on our favorite fragrance and make sure we’re putting our best foot forward when we face the world.  So why not jazz it up a little?  With so many great looking bathroom designs going in homes today there is no shortage of super cool designs to choose from. I especially love the way so many of these styles allow the water to flow and take its natural course.  Today’s roundup of gorgeous modern sinks brings a bit of beauty into the space in our homes we usually overlook… because good design doesn’t have to go down the drain as soon as it gets close to one.


ultramodern black sink

The Ocean from Bandini



ultramodern glass sink

Linea Washplane Seafoam Glass By Omvivo



modern egg sink

Modern Design from Amin Style



chic modern sink

From Eumar



cool modern sink

From Stratocucine



slide sink

Slide from Eumar



nautilus sink

The Ammonite by Caselton



white geological sink

The Erosion from Gore Design



modern washbasins

The Follo by Will MacCormack



minimalist glass sink

Clear Glass from Whittington


As you can see there are endless possibilities when it comes to the type of materials being used and how creative the designers are getting these days.  We hope you found some inspiration with at least one of the styles.

Several elements found at Eumar.