10 Gorgeous Window Treatments

There are only so many ways to skin a cat, so to speak — where did that expression come from, anyway? — and only so many ways to dress a window.  That being said, today’s roundup of gorgeous window treatments offers a few variations on the theme, updating classic roman shades and blinds and finding a magic balance of frilly and chic in several sets of sleek, ethereal curtains.  When a quick update is needed and a ground-up renovation just isn’t in the cards, something as simple as new drapes or shades can change the tone of a room as dramatically as it changes the light.

modern Roman shades

Modern Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas



gauzy flutter curtains

DIY Flutter Curtains from Kojo Designs



modern grommet window panel

Othello Modern Grommet Window Panel


lavender rosette curtains

DKNY Amethyst Rosette Window Panels



modern window blinds

Pirouette Window Shades from Design Sense Florida



motorized rolling window screens

Motorized Rolling Screens from Bay Screens & Shades



top-down window shades

Duette Top-Down Bottom-Up LiteRise Shades



ruffled curtains

Wandering Pleats Curtain from Anthropologie



accordion window shades

Hunter Douglas Accordion Shades



urban window shades

Urban Shade from Avenue Window Fashions


Flutter curtain DIY tutorial found at Kojo Designs.