10 Incredibly Quirky BBQ Grills

We’re keeping things outdoors this weekend, editorially speaking, to soak up the sun and enjoy the beginnings of what’s typically the most fun season of the year. Today’s post focuses on the art of the sear, rather literally: behold these ten incredibly quirky bbq grills, from converted cars and motorcycles to globes, beer barrels and Altoid tins.  Some have been upcycled from common every day objects while others started out as a creative sketch and turned into one-of-a-kind backyard legends.  Although we’re sure the burgers, steaks and franks come out no more flame-kissed than those from any other grill, they’ve still got that certain extra something… namely, quite a story to tell.  Kick back and enjoy!

quirky bbq grills

Choo Choo Train Rib Cooker via Buzzard Blog



quirky bbq grill

1957 Chevy Big Block Grill via Automopedia



quirky bbq grilles

BBQ Grill Upcycled from Altoids Tin by vmspionage of Instructables



quirky bbq grille

Beer Barrel BBQ Grill via Epotpourri



globe grill

Globe-Turned-BBQ by Goldenhen via Inhabitat



quirky barbecue grills

Motorcycle BBQ Grill via Waylou



quirky barbecue grill

Planter Pot BBQ Grill from Black Blum via Inhabitat



solar bbq grill

The Lapin Kulta Restaurant’s Solar Kitchen via Inhabitat



unique bbq grill

The Lil’ Pig by Traeger



railing grill

The Railing-Top Bruce Grill by Henrik Drecker



Several elements in today’s roundup found at Inhabitat.